Alpha Omicron Pi

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Parents FAQ

Perhaps the journey your daughter is embarking on is unfamiliar to you or you just have a few questions about this decision. What we at Alpha Omicron Pi can assure you is that this journey is meant to be one of the most fulfilling, productive, and enriching experiences your daughter takes as she seeks to accomplish her goals in college and as a member of her community. 

  • What type of programming will my daughter participate in while a member of AOII?

    Your daughter will have the opportunity to participate in outstanding chapter programming both on a local and international level. Many practical and necessary educational lessons are never taught in the classroom. Through our educational programs, your daughter will learn many important “life-skills” including time management, alcohol awareness, healthy living, etiquette, suicide awareness and safety. 

  • What leadership opportunities does AOII offer?

    Whether a member chooses to serve as a chapter officer, or represent AOII as a member of other campus or community organizations, there are numerous opportunities to develop leadership skills as a member of AOII. We do this through educational programming, training events, and first-hand experiences.

  • What are the advantages to AOII membership beyond college?

    Beyond the lifelong friendships made in college, there are many advantages our members enjoy throughout their lives.  AOII alumnae, wherever they live, are welcome to participate in an alumnae chapter. Whether your daughter chooses to live in her hometown or move to an entirely new city, she will find a network of AOII friends who are always there to support her. 
    Her affiliation with AOII can also help her in her future career. Whether it is networking with other sisters in the professional world or using communication and leadership skills learned while in her chapter, many members attribute their career success, in some part, to AOII. 

  • What is AOIIs policy on hazing?

    Hazing is not in conformity with the Rituals of Alpha Omicron Pi nor does it project an image of sisterhood and fraternal love. No chapter of or member of AOII shall encourage, authorize, ratify, or engage in conduct or omissions which is, or may be classified as, hazing, relative to any of its new members or its members nor relative to any individual by any other collegiate fraternity or other organization.